Today a local ephemeris from my hometown: 120 years ago was born the spanish poet Federico García Lorca (I think I don’t have to introduce him). He was murdered when he was 38 years old. Precisely, todays song talks about his death, and how Joe Strummer (The Clash) and Jesús Arias (TNT) tried to find […]

Lagartija, lagartija

We are going to take advantage of the song we shared yesterday: it was played by an old member of today’s group: Lagartija Nick. The band from my hometown is releasing a new record (after six years) next week (10 november), and has already shared two singles: ‘Mapa de Canadá’ and ‘Agonía, agonía’. They are […]

Bye bye princess

Still shocked by the thousandth death of another example of our favourite artists during this year, I would like to share a song by a band from my hometown that has a deep relationship with the outer space. On the other hand, the name of the record where this song was released is «El shock de […]