Una foto con historia

Buenos días excursionistas! Hoy os comparto una noticia científica que inundó ayer los espacios dedicados a ciencia en todos los medios de comunicación. Y es que la noticia no es menor, ya que un equipo internacional de investigadores ha captado la primera imagen histórica de Sagitario A*, el agujero negro supermasivo situado en el centro […]

Anuncio publicitario

Kick the ball

I am afraid there is a topic these days that seem to be more important (unfortunately) than any other thing: the football World Cup that it’s taking place in Rusia. It has just started today. I am not a football fan, but in spite of that I enjoy watching some matchs of such a championship. […]

The Hawk

Today, as you probably, today in the very early hours, the great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking left us. There are tributes everywhere, so I won’t add too many words, but a couple of songs. His death it is added to a day that is dedicated to pi number and to Albert Einstein’s birthday: an odd way […]