Serial Proposer (V)

A new proposal for this odd section we are sharing these days including your own proposals. With your recommendations I am discovering series, and sometimes songs too. Today only the series: ’13 reasons why.’ The song in this case is well known. Thanks again to Prof. Bacterio. Don´t forget to share your proposals: if you […]

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Last gig

Everything in life has an ending, however sometimes the end arrives earlier than we would have expected. Check this video: Today, in 1980, Joy Division played what would be their last gig with singer Ian Curtis when they appeared at Birmingham University. Curtis committed suicide two weeks later.

EnJoy! Division

Joy Division made their live debut on January 25 1978 when they played at Pips Disco in Manchester (England). They had changed their name from Warsaw, that was inspired by the song Warszawa on David Bowie´s Low album). Enjoy!