transition: chapter I

As I announced a few days ago, I don’t feel that I have enough strength to keep a daily post, sharing a song with some ‘extra-content’ everyday; in fact I feel that the quality of this site has decreased dramatically; so,  since as someone (that for sure was wiser than me) said, ‘it’s better to […]

Anuncio publicitario


Today we are celebrating grandparent’s day (the origin is related with Christianity). I had several ideas of songs to be shared and to illustrate several topics related with these distinguished people such as the following: But, since today Mick Jagger is celebrating his 75th birthday, we must include a song tributing this rock’n roll grandfather! […]

Two birthdays and a song

Today is the birthday of Robert Allen Zimmerman (1941), that is better known as Bob Dylan; but it is Rosanne Cash’s birthday too. To illustrate these two celebrations enjoy the next song written by Bob Dylan, and covered by Rosanne Cash who recorded it in her album ‘The List’. This song was played by Dylan […]


A few days ago we were commemorating Johny Cash birthday; I asked the bigger Cash fan that I know to write a few lines about this milestone, however it took some time to write them, and then, a few more time to include them in a new post. Anyway, it’s always a good time to share […]