… I am your father (and I’m proud)

Buenos días excursionistas, la historia que os traigo hoy ocurrió el 28 de diciembre, pero no la compartí entonces asumiendo que la entenderíais como una inocentada; nada más lejos de la realidad. Algunos tal vez me hayáis oído decir que los niños, especialmente con esta pandemia, nos están dando lecciones de comportamiento y de civismo […]


Buenas noches excursionistas, Hoy hace 40 años el mundo entero tornaba su mirada a la puerta del Dakota, en Nueva York. John Lennon era asesinado por Mark Chapman en la puerta de ese edificio cuando solo tenía 40 años. Aquí van un par de canciones precisamente con ese nombre.

Two virgins

Today 50 years ago, it was released the first avant-garde record by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (‘Unfinished music no.1: Two virgins’) probably better known due its controversial cover where both artists were naked. The album was recorded during a night and included conversations, sounds, noises, loops… but almost no songs. Here is a bonus […]

Mind games

It was 45 years ago when the third studio album by John Lennon was released (29th October in US, 16th November in the UK). It represents John Lennon’s insecurities both at his personal life (Yoko and he were separated during one year and a half) and political activism (he was worried because of his plausible […]

Hours per week

Today I am not going to write many words; I prefer to share an interesting and well-written text that should make us think about why it is not possible to work less hour per week taking into account all the technological advances during the last century. It has been shared by an inquisitive and curious […]


A song tributing mothers of this world. This is the second song that John Lennon dedicated to his mother. Enjoy!


Today in 1963 was born Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell. Since his birth was kept as a secret, he grew up far from media. Several songs by The Beatles are related to this musician: Hey Jude (previously shared), Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (a drawing by Julian inspired the song), […]

More famous

Today in 1966 it was released an interview with John Lennon where he said that ‘The Beatles were more famous than Jesus’. When these words reach the US, some fundamentalist groups started a campaign against him and The Beatles burning their records publicly.

Scientific Equity

I read today that in 1981 the second single from John Lennon’s ‘Double Fantasy’ reached no. 1 at Billboard list. It was the first single released after his death in December 1980. The song (Woman) was selected by Lennon to be the second single of the album. Since this song is an ode to women, […]