Los días raros (XXI)

Buenos días excursionistas! May the force be with you! Creo que en estos días raros necesitamos más que nunca la fuerza… Os dejo una cancioncita al uso, y que creo que no había sonado todavía en los capítulos de homenaje a Star Wars. Enjoy!

The year Cran Broke

The summery vacations are nearly gone, in fact yesterday we shared the last song from the soundtrack we had selected for this holidays’ series. I hope you have enjoyed (or you are still enjoying) your vacations. Today we are going to start a new series tributing my old friend that brings some happiness, but also […]

Earth Day

Earth day turns 48 today, and this year is dedicated (according to Earth Day network) to spreading awareness about the pollution caused by plastic. We really have to take care of our planet, we only have one for us and for our children, and the children of our children, etc. At least let’s take care […]

too young to die

Yesterday we talked about Sergio Algora (from ‘El niño gusano’ and ‘La Costa Brava’) who left us too early (he was 39). Yesterday I should talk about another loss too; this one a bit more personal: 17 years ago I left a part of me irreplaceable, even being standoffish toward each other during the former […]