White covers

Next Friday 22nd November, the ninth album by The Beatles (mostly known as ‘The White album’) is turning 50 years old. The Beatles is probably one of the bands more covered, however the versions from this double record are perphaps less popular than others. In order to tribute this great anniversary (that has been also […]

News from Third Man Store

We have some good news. The second album by The Raconteurs (‘Consolers of the lonely’) is turning ten years old, and maybe due to this anniversary, or (probably) because of better reasons, they are releasing a deluxe edition of the record but including two new tracks recently recorded (here are the good news) as a […]

Mr. White

During our tribute week to David Bowie Jack White released the new single of his forthcoming third solo album. Some music professionals have pointed out some Bowie influence in this new song. I don’t want to judge this point, if is real or just a coincidence, but the thing is that the theme might be […]