Worst moment

I think that the worst part of the week could be Sunday evening, or maybe Monday morning; and one of the worst Sunday evening of the year is that when you are coming back to work after a great holidays.  Here is my song for such moment (with two versions). Enjoy!

on the top of the mountain

Today I have come back to my origins; I have walked back through my steps; I have walked following the streams, trying to find where are they coming from; and I got it: I found the origin of the water that I drank when I was a child; then I continued walking high and high […]

Anuncio publicitario

«Technical» problems

Due to «technical» problems, I am afraid that the first post of this blog was published a few minutes before midnight, so on 10th May and not on 11th May as it was supposed. In order to meet the original objective of this site (share a song per day) here are a couple of songs […]