Memphis, 1954

Today in 1954 Elvis Presley recorded at Sun Records studios three songs that 24hours later, when they were broadcasted at Memphis Dewey Phillips, would changed the history of the music of the XXth century. These songs were ‘I love you because’, ‘Blue moon of Kentucky’ and ‘That’s alright’. Let’s enjoy the classic country/bluegrass hit (Bill […]

Last King’s performance

Today, 41 years ago, at the Marquet Square Arena (Indianapolis, US) Elvis Presley gave his last concert. Some weeks later (16 August) he died in Graceland. After his death, his songs have been sung by many artists, so the legacy of this rock pioneer is still alive.

Toys for Tots (II)

Continuing with yesterday’s post, today a song that include a toy in its title but probably talks about a different thing. Anyway, it is included in mostly all the song lists about kids and toys, and the youngest music experts at home have decided to share it today among other options. Enjoy! And have a […]