More Champagne

A couple of days ago we were remembering Sergio Algora on the tenth anniversary of his death; let’s continue tributing this great artist by playing a song from the third album by El Niño Gusano that is turning 20 years. Enjoy! Anuncios

Se hizo el silencio

Today, our tribute to a couple of farewells; our tribute to two early deaths; one of them a bit more personal: we were separated only by 17 days, he would be 40 today (as I am); the other one: the loss of Sergio Algora (Niño Gusano, La Costa Brava). This tribute comes with a song […]


There are so many people who we have to say ‘happy birthday!’ today: Mercedes Sosa (1935-2009), Bon Scott (1946-1980; AC/DC), Mitch Mitchell (1947-2008; The Jimi Hendrix Experience), Jim Kerr (1959; Simple Minds), Courtney Love (1964; Hole), Jack White (1975; The White Stripes, The Racounters), etc. But we have to remember a couple of ‘farewells’ too: […]