Los días raros (IX)

Para mí hoy se cumple el día 19 (#yomequedoencasa) de disfrute del hogar: Voy a aprovechar este grupo para celebrar esta efeméride y para realizar una encuesta: (podéis dejar vuestras respuestas como comentario aquí o en la copia en el caralibro) Después de estos N días (19 en mi caso), cómo va todo?? Respuesta A. […]

The Year Cran Broke (XVI)

Maybe this series tributing R environment is getting a bit longer than it should but we are ‘flying’ through the US, then the UK, and now Spain reviewing some records released in 1993, and I am really enjoying this trip since refers to the music from my adolescence. I hope you are enyoing too. Today […]

A ‘red tenant’

Yesterday, we flew through the universe ‘Kim Deal’ (it was her birthday); this issue has brought to my head a great song by the band she formed with her twin sister (The  Breeders) and covered by a group from Bilbao that until now had not appeared by this blog.  Enjoy! And here is the original […]