Today my older daughter has told me about an activity that they have developed in her classroom related with the project about The Universe they are enjoying this term. They have been listening to some songs from outer space. This issue has brought to my mind an old idea about creating an outer space band. […]

Amazing journey!

I know I already shared this song in the past, however is the song that better explain how I feel I nos, a few hours before starting a business trip to Canada! The temperature is going to be a bit lower of that I am used to… The starship is about to take off!!! Enjoy!

Chameleon week (and VII)

Today we are finishing this tribute week to David Bowie lead by the record ‘Pin-Ups’. There are still three bands covered by Bowie in this album that have not been played yet during this week: The Easybeats, The Who, and The Merseys. The version of ‘Friday in my mind’ (The Easybeats) was surprisingly the first song by […]

Chameleon week (VI)

Today, from The Yardbirds to The Pretty Things, another band from the UK that Bowie selected to include two songs in his album ‘Pin-ups’ too. The Pretty Things authored the first rock-opera of the story (S.F. Sorrow, 1968), however the songs covered by David Bowie came from his previous R&B period. Enjoy!

Chameleon week (V)

We are still paying tribute to Bowie during our first Chameleon week. Today we have received some indirect help from Jose Ignacio Lapido. He was been interviewing at ‘El Sotano’ (Radio 3) and selecting some groups that have influenced him musically (as Bowie did with ‘Pin-ups’), while playing some songs from these bands that he […]

Chameleon week (III)

Today, two years ago David Bowie left us. Today there have been thousands of tributes of many different kinds. We are doing ours creating a week (since it includes other anniversaries) dedicated to the great ‘Chameleon’ , where we are listening again to many different songs from the same album (Pin Ups; next year we […]