… I am your father (and I’m proud)

Buenos días excursionistas, la historia que os traigo hoy ocurrió el 28 de diciembre, pero no la compartí entonces asumiendo que la entenderíais como una inocentada; nada más lejos de la realidad. Algunos tal vez me hayáis oído decir que los niños, especialmente con esta pandemia, nos están dando lecciones de comportamiento y de civismo […]

Anuncio publicitario

Wonderful (?) Christmas Time (VII)

Here is the last Christmas proposal we have received in response to the request we made a week ago. It is the cover of classic theme included in the movie ‘Love actually’. Somehow, year after year it become one of the classic Christmas songs at home, and I like that, mainly because of the environment […]

A saint pretext

I found today’s justification in the calendar of saint’s days…, and still connected with yesterday’s post… Just a excuse to post this cover by The Who, and the original theme by The Beach Boys Enjoy!

White Covers (and X)

Yes, today is the day: 50 years ago it was released the known as ‘White Album’ by The Beatles. So happy birthday!! We have been celebrating this release sharing some covers of songs of this album by different artists. Today’s version includes many artists along with Dhani Harrison tributing George Harrison in 2004. Nice way […]

White Covers (IX)

The great anniversary is closer! 50 years of The Beatles ‘White Album’ . Enjoy! This cover comes from a concert where the whole album (except ‘Goodnight’) was played by Phish. It is worth to listen to it!

White Covers (VIII)

Today a couple of covers (on a different style) from The Beatles ‘White album’ to continue the series tributing its 50th anniversary. Both songs were included in an interesting double record released by Trojan Records where original songs by The Beatles were revisited by jamaican artists. Enjoy!!

White Covers (VII)

A beutiful cover for today. Remember that we are tributing the 50th anniversary of Beatles’ ‘White album’ by sharing some versions of its songs. I have to say that today’s cover doesn’t differ greatly from the original track, but Nilson released a very beautiful song, maybe that’s why he’s one of a handful of folks […]

White Covers (VI)

Some of my friends think that the next song is the best cover of the album that we are honoured on its 50th anniversary; I think that at least should be among the top ten 😉 Enjoy! Here is the original track: And as an extra, a darker version of the same song: You know […]