Sentimental Education (IV)

We started this tiny section playing an original song by The Cure covered by Luna. After another two versions of The Cure by other bands, today we ‘pause’ this section sharing a classic song released by Robert Smith’s band and covered by half of the members of Luna. So we have moved from ‘moon’ to […]

Sentimental Education (II)

Yesterday we shared a song from the new record by Luna. This song was a cover of ‘Fire in Cairo’ (The Cure). This album and song bring to my mind another record (an E.P. in this case) that also include a version of an original song by The Cure: ‘Boys don’t cry’, covered in Spanish […]

Conversion (II)

Due to ‘the wide and popular acclaim’ to yesterday’s post about Bob Dylan’s 19th studio album, and his conversion to Christianity, today we are going to share the second single from this record, that has been even covered for kids, and a odd version in Spanish shared this morning by Mr. E. Baker. Enjoy! (Sorry […]