3 in 1

Here is our recommendation for today: a nice of combination of Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy), Tom Jones, both singing an original theme by Portishead. Awesome! Enjoy!!

Because the night

Today the single ‘Because the night’ by Patti Smith is turning into 40 years old (as I did last month). Since this song it was already shared, here is one of its interesting covers. Enjoy!!

A secret chord

Yes, I’ve heard there was a secret chord, sometimes it was sung by J. Buckley, sometimes by ‘Leonardo’, and even by master Morente. Anyway he resurrected on the third day. Enjoy!


Here is the song that is ‘dressing’ my last days. It is nice because it comes from a children film that we are watching these days, but covered many times, in the past and today, with old fashioned and modern versions. Seems that everything goes and comes back, as memories for people in such film. […]