Toys for Tots (III)

I hope that the Three Wise Men have granted all your wishes! Of any kind! Toys for tots …  Here is another man with all the toys! Though I prefer Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar rather than Santa, as I do for ‘jamón serrano’, dogs, or The Beatles, rather than cheese, cats, or Stones, here is […]

Toys for Tots (II)

Continuing with yesterday’s post, today a song that include a toy in its title but probably talks about a different thing. Anyway, it is included in mostly all the song lists about kids and toys, and the youngest music experts at home have decided to share it today among other options. Enjoy! And have a […]

Toys for tots

We are approaching the end of Christmas time, but that does not mean that children’s eagerness and excitement are going down. There is still time for some surprises on Twelfth Day (Three Wise Men Day)! Lists about songs related to toys and/or children are so varied because they are focused on different topics: children and […]

Christmas Mayfield

Today in 1999, we lost Curtis Mayfield: a great voice and musician; a revolutionary poet of soul music, tenacious, prolific…; brilliant with the ‘Impressions’, and essential by his own label… Here are a few of songs ‘dressed up of Christmas’ in his honour! Enjoy!

Dalton strikes back

Christmas is a time for children; we should become again a child to enjoy this great period of the year.  I am happy to be able to share an odd song today; a new generation of artists? Do they have any relationship with ‘Los hermanos Dalton’? I think so. They have been recording a Christmas […]


That’s the most common feeling between all the children that have received their gifts from the three wise men this morning. Enjoy!

Last time

 January 3rd 1970 was the Beatles’ last time at Abbey Road; they recorded «I, me, mine» but Lennon was on vacation in Denmark at the time and didn’t appear on the song. This song could be define as an anthem to individualism and selfishness, that is the opposite thing to the Christmas’ feelings and emotions […]