The year Cran broke (VIII)

Along with Suede, Blur released an album in 1993 (Modern life is rubbish) that made Britpop get off the ground. After this album with a psychedelic touch would come ‘Parklife’ (1994) and ‘The great escape’ (1995) making Blur emerged as one of the leading pop acts. Though this album full of influences from past british […]

Anuncio publicitario

This charming song

Today let’s recover our section dedicated to the songs chosen by the new and youngest musical experts at home. By chance they have selected today a song from the fourth studio album by Blur (The great escape). The title is a reference to the song by The Smiths ‘This charming man’. Speaking in 1996 Damon […]

Out of time

I am afraid, tonight, or more properly, yesterday’s night, I was (am) out of time…. Maybe tomorrow (or more properly, on the next post) I will give some explanations. In the meantime (and somehow ordered), enjoy!

Albarn (II)

Some of you has reproached me since you would have prefer me to included yesterday a song by Blur and not by other Albarn’s project. Here you are! A song that perfectly match yesterday’s celebration. Enjoy!

Charming man

Continueing with yesterday’s british story, let’s play a song to say ‘happy birthday’ to Alex James (1968, Boscombe, Bornemouth, England). He is known as the bassist of the band Blur, but he is also a musical journalist and cheesemaker. Enjoy!