Albarn (II)

Some of you has reproached me since you would have prefer me to included yesterday a song by Blur and not by other Albarn’s project. Here you are! A song that perfectly match yesterday’s celebration. Enjoy! Anuncios

Charming man

Continueing with yesterday’s british story, let’s play a song to say ‘happy birthday’ to Alex James (1968, Boscombe, Bornemouth, England). He is known as the bassist of the band Blur, but he is also a musical journalist and cheesemaker. Enjoy!

The Empire strikes back

Yesterday I heard about (#DiscoGrande @Radio3_RNE) close Quadrophenia spin-off; a sequel to the iconic British mod movie is being made – 37 years after the original, and 43 years after the release of the rock opera by The Who. Phil Daniels (and other cast members) will be part of the cast of this new film. […]