transition: chapter IV

I hope you are enjoying these pages. I am enjoying reading them again after more than 18 years. I know that they are improvable, but I am sharing them as they were written at that momment, with all its advantages and disadvantages… Here is the 4th chapter (by the way, here is one the places […]

Ha ha said the clown

Today’s proposal comes from a selection of the youngest musical expert at home; my four years old daughter has asked to play this video this afternoon; maybe because she wanted to watch a clown entertainment; however, when the song was over, she has asked to play it again. Must be a wise decision! Enjoy!

Different than expected

Artic Monkeys are releasing their new album after nearly five years of silence. If you expect to find an ‘Artic Monkeys’ record’ you won’t probably find it. You won’t listen an Artic guitar as you could be used to. Some experts have pointed out that they have discovered Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker or David Bowie […]