Birthdays: 20 (and V) and see you soon!

Today, let’s close this quick glimpse of records released 20 years ago that are celebrating their birthdays during 2019. We have done something similar with the 30th, 40th and 50th anniversary of such ‘birthday albums’. But we are going to say ‘see you’ too; not goodbye, but at least ‘bye’ to our main aspiration: we […]

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Birthdays: 20 (IV)

The fourth record that we are including in this glimpse of albums released in 1999 is ‘Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the milky night’ by the post-rock British band ‘Stereolab’. It didn’t get all the positive opinions as their previous records, but in our opinion the rythms of free -jazz and bossanova make […]

Birthdays: 20 (III)

On our tour through the records that are turning 50, 40, 30… And 20 years during 2019, today, again an álbum named with a number: yesterday it was 13, today: 4 (fourth album released by Stone Temple Pilots, and that was considered as their return to their harder style. Enjoy!

Birthdays: 20

I know that we are leaving a lot of great records from 1989 without name them here, but at least we have made a nice tribute. I was thinking to give a rapid glance to those records that are turning 25; but I realize that probably I wouldn’t finish this glimpse never. 1994 was a […]


Today in 1999 it was released the second album by Bunbury (‘Pequeño’) that was a U turn from his previous album and the records released with ‘Héroes Del Silencio’. Probably one of his best productions, so probably it was not ‘pequeño’ at all. Enjoy!