Birthdays: 40 (V)

In one corner (yesterday) The Clash, and in the other corner of the quadrilateral, the band commanded by The Modfather, The Jam! And from their fourth record (‘Setting Sons’):

Birthdays: 40 (IV)

Yes! The iconic ‘London Calling’ by the Clash will celebrate its 40th anniversary during 2019. I found this live video that included three themes of this album. I’ve never seen a performance of ‘London Calling’ like this one. Enjoy!

Birthdays: 40 (III)

In 1979 it was released the debut album by The Knack (‘Get the Knack’), that despite is moderate cost, it became Capitol Records’ fastest selling debut album since ‘Meet the Beatles!’ in 1964; it included the more than known ‘My Sharona’ (Capitol’s fastest selling debut single since ‘I want to hold your hand’ (The Beatles)), […]

Birthdays: 40

Let’s start a quick trip through the albums that are turning 40 years during 2019, as we have already done with the records released during 1969. Today we are going to share a couple of songs from the debut album (‘Three imaginary boys’) of the British band ‘The Cure’. It was re-edited in the US […]