Earth Day

Earth day turns 48 today, and this year is dedicated (according to Earth Day network) to spreading awareness about the pollution caused by plastic. We really have to take care of our planet, we only have one for us and for our children, and the children of our children, etc. At least let’s take care […]

Because the night

Today the single ‘Because the night’ by Patti Smith is turning into 40 years old (as I did last month). Since this song it was already shared, here is one of its interesting covers. Enjoy!!


During the last few days a research advance has appeared in all news programmes: the milestone is about the discovery by chance of a mutant of an enzyme described a year before that increase the natural ability of this protein to catalyse PET (a very abundant type of plastic) degradation. There is no doubt about […]


Today, twenty years ago, Linda McCartney left us due to breast cancer. She was a great photographer, and a defender of animal rights; she is also known by her vegetarian recipes and for being part of Wings (Paul McCartney’s band after The Beatles break up). Here are a couple of songs by Paul as a […]


Today in 1967 it was born in Paisley (UK) Gerry Rafferty, great folk singer nearly forgotten. He formed Stealers Wheels, with a famous hit included by Quentin Tarantino in the soundtrack of Reservoir Dogs. Enjoy!