Step by step

Following our «happy» style from yesterday’s post, here is another «pill of happiness» that is also a new released; by Arcade Fire in this case, that is sharing the songs of their new album step by step, one by one. In fact, we have already played here the first hit from their future hypothetical new […]

Anuncio publicitario

A splendid time is guaranteed for all (IV)

After the great celebration from yesterday, we have decided to going on sharing some covers of the songs released in this fantastic album. I found today’s cover listening to one of my favourite radio programme, converted that day into a smaller ‘Disco Grande’.  By the way, this cover give me the excuse to introduce another issue: you […]

Seagulls are coming back

I have selected no ephemeris for today’s song.  As I already have told, I grew up (musically) with almost no vertical (genetic) transfer, so when I was 8 or 9 years old I listened to the music that people around me (friends, older cousins, classmates. ..) did. It was mostly spanish pop bands and some abroad bands. […]

Good vibes

It seems that finally today is the first spring-like day of the season!  I have selected a song that in muy opinion transmits a kind of good mood or good vibes, like springtime does. Enjoy!! (The song, and the season!!) By the way, reading about today’s anniversaries or musical issues, I have discovered that today […]

Mr. Soul man

I was going to wait till the midnight hour, but finally I decide to share now a couple of songs to celebrate Wilson Pickett’s birth (18/03/1941); both selected by the new and youngest musical experts at home. Enjoy!

Show me the way

I don’t know what reasons have let the new and youngest musical experts at home to select today’s song. Maybe the stepping rythm, or maybe its lyrics and its messages; or maybe just the dark and deep voice of Bill Callahan. I don’t know, but I am sure they are wright with their selection. Enjoy!

new section

– hey dad, we are trying to listen to a song by this famous pop group from Liverpool. – do you mean The Beatles? – yes, people say that they are a really universal band, however it is imposible to find a video including a song by them using your cellphone or tablet. – I […]