This charming song

Today let’s recover our section dedicated to the songs chosen by the new and youngest musical experts at home. By chance they have selected today a song from the fourth studio album by Blur (The great escape). The title is a reference to the song by The Smiths ‘This charming man’. Speaking in 1996 Damon […]

Anuncio publicitario

Clouds, guns…bullets

I am afraid that I don’t like violence; even when it is applied in response to a brutal and unjustified attack against innocent people including kids; violence comes with more violence; wars produce more fights, hursts and pain. Unfortunately, this world is habited by people that prefers continuing selling excess weapons and maintain open their […]


Today my older daughter has told me about an activity that they have developed in her classroom related with the project about The Universe they are enjoying this term. They have been listening to some songs from outer space. This issue has brought to my mind an old idea about creating an outer space band. […]


Let’s say happy birthday to Pepa Flores (best known as Marisol), who was born today, 70 years ago in Málaga (Spain). We have selected a couple of covers from the most acclaimed song to be dance by the youngest musical experta at home. Enjoy! And happy birthday!

Toys for Tots (II)

Continuing with yesterday’s post, today a song that include a toy in its title but probably talks about a different thing. Anyway, it is included in mostly all the song lists about kids and toys, and the youngest music experts at home have decided to share it today among other options. Enjoy! And have a […]

Super or maybe not…

I have been thinking about the possibility to share the next few songs (that we will share during the next days) for a long time. Mostly, because they are quite personal. But, since this site has reached the maximum numbers of visits when I have shared music and comments about bands from my hometown, or […]

Great things

Trying to share more «happy» songs, it has come to my mind the next song; it is not a novelty, but rather the opposite; but it has been able to improve over time as the good wines. I am afraid that the youngest musical experts at home do not think this is a ‘happy’ song, […]