70 Pink Moons

Today, the splendid and great Nick Drake would have turned 70 years old. He failed to got a wide audience during his life. He died prematurely when he was 26 due to an overdose of antidepresants that have been prescribed to treat his mental disorder. Three records in 5 years, no obituaries, but at the […]

Invisible heroes

This morning, while thinking about what to do with this blog, I have listened my favourite radio broadcast (@HETradio3) that these days has moved to Mali and to Ivory Coast where they are broadcasting a couple of programmes. This is not the first time in which this team flys to a developing place, where they […]

Dr. King

Today 50 years ago Martin Luther King was killed at the Lorraine Hotel (Memphis, US). Many artists have tributed Dr. King death (U2, Marvis Staple, Bruce Springsteen, Kris Kristofferson, etc.), but the most powerful and painful song about this issue was played by Nina Simone, three days later, with almost no opportunity to practise it; […]

I (hope) will see you again

Anaut is releasing today their new album. Here is the first single. A really positive and brilliant song for those «cloudy» days. I heard it a few weeks ago at @HETradio3, and it has been reserved until a good opportunity: the better one, the release of the new record. Congratulations. Enjoy!

The hurricane eye

Today, my colleagues and I have been encouraged at work to stay actively in the hurricane eye (figuratively) as a place where you are able to be the master of my fate, the captain of my soul, and where you can avoid to be dragged by its powerful winds. Here is a song to think […]

The last time!

Yesterday, Pandora’s box was opened: as I told you, you should enjoy everyday as it could be the last time! So I will remind you this point during the next few days with several songs, starting with the original one! Enjoy!

When you’re gone (II)

The early death of Dolores a couple of days ago makes me think and talk here about some thoughts or even concerns that somehow are more often present in my mind recently. To think that one’s self can pass away suddenly, could be a painful and bitter feeling, moreover if there are children that rely […]

Toys for Tots (IV)

Let’s finish this short series with some songs by The Beatles that are included in lists about kids and music, but which are not related with children and toys. Probably the most ‘child-friendly’ Beatles’ song is ‘All together now’. Other lists are leaded by ‘ob-la-di, ob-la-da’, ‘Rocky Racoon’ (that is a kind of tale), and […]