Wonderful (?) Christmas Time (V)

Let’s say goodbye to this year with the hardest Christmas proposals we have received in response to our request (by the way, you are still on time to send your proposals). Onesongadayweb wish you all the best for the coming year Have a great night! Enjoy!

Wonderful (?) Christmas Time (III)

Here is another Christmas proposal in answer to our request a couple of days ago. Using the words of the author of this suggestion: let’s stop talking about the three wise men (in Spain: three kings) and listen to the only and unique king of rock! Enjoy!

Wonderful (?) Christmas Time

We have received a Christmas proposal. It’s a bit far away from «our style», so I have hesitated about wether I should share it or not; but it’s Christmas time, so please judge for yourselves. Doing that I think we are opening Pandora’s box, so other Christmas proposals are welcome.