Napoleón Solo

I cannot explain why I am sharing this song today. I found two messages inside the song, and I hope that both of them will take place; at the end is part of this world’s justice. I hope that there would be only one Napoleón, and alone. Enjoy!


Enjoy this splendid song. It belongs to ‘W’, the ninth album of Pajaro Sunrise, released a month ago. Really unique!! Enjoy!

A star from Northern sky

We have already talked about Nick Drake here, but today we are going to share a couple of songs as a modest tribute to this splendid artist, since today in 1974 Nick was dead when he was only 26. We really miss this voice!

It was a kind of magic

Today, in 1991, Freddie Mercury was dead because of AIDS; he had announced he was ill two days before. We really miss this magic voice. Here is the song selected at home, as our modest tribute, because show must go on! Enjoy!

A white encore

Why not an encore to the 50th birthday of the ‘White album’? Let’s do it to say goodnight! Enjoy! And one of the early takes included in the triple record released to celebrate this anniversary

White Covers (and X)

Yes, today is the day: 50 years ago it was released the known as ‘White Album’ by The Beatles. So happy birthday!! We have been celebrating this release sharing some covers of songs of this album by different artists. Today’s version includes many artists along with Dhani Harrison tributing George Harrison in 2004. Nice way […]

White Covers (IX)

The great anniversary is closer! 50 years of The Beatles ‘White Album’ . Enjoy! This cover comes from a concert where the whole album (except ‘Goodnight’) was played by Phish. It is worth to listen to it!