Lou (again)

We made our modest tribute to Lou Reed a couple of days ago; however after this fith anniversary of his demise there have been many other tributes. Among them I have discovered this cover by Antony extracted from Reed’s DVD ‘Berlin’. Absolutely marvellous. Enjoy!

Anuncio publicitario

Sing street

This afternoon I nearly managed to watch a whole film; at the end I haven’t been able, however I have spent an entertaining little while with the film where one of the protagonists said about a song (sorry, I can’t remember the exact words): ‘your song has made me crying, but in a good way’. […]


Today, in 1965, the Fab four went to Buckingham Palace to receive their Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) medals from Queen Elizabeth II. John Lennon would later say that they were so nervous at the idea of the meeting with the Queen that they went into the bathroom and […]

The other side of the story

Today we have received a great proposal from our swordman collaborator. I haven’t heard about them; in fact I am probably even more ignoramus when thinking on this musical style; I like it but I know less of its universe. By chance, I was listening to another revival band this afternoon but from a different […]

Finally! TGTB&TQ

Yesterday, the superband ‘The good, The bad and The Queen’ released a new song (after more than ten years) as an advance of their new album (‘Merrie Land’) that will be released on 16th November. The record has been produced by Tony Visconti (known due to his collaborations with David Bowie) and include many current […]

Ha ha said the clown

Today’s proposal comes from a selection of the youngest musical expert at home; my four years old daughter has asked to play this video this afternoon; maybe because she wanted to watch a clown entertainment; however, when the song was over, she has asked to play it again. Must be a wise decision! Enjoy!


Today, I would like to share an odd (at least for this site) proposal; a few days ago I talked about the number of degrees that distance any two human beings; this argument served that day to share an odd proposal too. But today’s proposal could be even less expectable at this site; however since […]