The Year Cran Broke (XVIII)

Today we are not changing of city neither of style: here is a great song selected from the unique record released by Family and edited by Elefant Records, and as you can imagine, it was released 25 years ago as R environment (our tribute object in this series) did. Unfortunately, this series is approaching to […]

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The Year Cran Broke (XVII)

As I mentioned yesterday, we were going to stay a few journeys around Bilbao, Donosti, etc, but for today we need a change of tack. From Getxo we are moving to San Sebastian: Here is a song from the first album of ‘La Buena Vida’, responsible of a completely different style where we can add […]

The Year Cran Broke (XVI)

Maybe this series tributing R environment is getting a bit longer than it should but we are ‘flying’ through the US, then the UK, and now Spain reviewing some records released in 1993, and I am really enjoying this trip since refers to the music from my adolescence. I hope you are enyoing too. Today […]

The Year Cran Broke (XV)

Let’s recover another EP from my hometown that was also released in 1993, as our tributed R environment did. We have already talked about them. Here is a great nice resume, and an extended review of their story. I am afraid they are both written in Spanish. Anyway you can enjoy listening to a great […]

The year Cran Broke (XIV)

Now that we have arrived to Granada during our modest tribute to R on its 25th anniversary, let’s share a song by another emblematic band from the same town, but belonging to a subsequent generation. However, they didn’t release a record in 1993; they were releasing their first EP (Medusa EP). 25 years later their […]

The Year Cran Broke (XIII)

What else was going in Spain (from music point of view) 25 years ago, the year that the magical R environment was released?? That year, the rock band from my hometown (091) released its sixth studio album. I have writen several times about the devotion to this band and its members that I feel, in […]

The year Cran Broke (XII)

Unfortunately we can not include all the songs released in 1993 we would like, so we are leaving some great hits like this one by ‘the modfather’, or this cover of a Beach Boys’ theme by Frank Black, or this fabulous song by the band formed by Frank Black old Pixies’ colleague: The Breeders. To […]

The year Cran Broke (XI)

I am afraid I am a bit exhausted today so continueing our review to records released in 1993 as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of R environment, I will only say that I love the next record by the scottish Teenage Fanclub, in fact it is still a part of my vinyl collection, so […]

The year Cran Broke (X)

In 1993, Radiohead was also releasing their first album. Its greatest hit from this album (Creep) had been previously presented in 1992. The record in the UK did not obtain a big success, however in the US it got better critiques, so at the end the band was rocketing, mostly after the confirmation showed with […]

The year Cran broke (IX)

As you know we are sharing some songs from records released in 1993 as a tribute to R environment (responsible of many labour joys, but also of some headaches) that is turning 25! We have reached the UK and the Britpop, and today we are introducing a new band related to this style, but also […]