New proposal!

Maintain this site active is not always easy, so we are happy when we receive proposals, and even better if they are a new discovery, widing my sensation of ignorance 😉 Today an interesting proposal from our swordsman follower (author of some collaborations for this site). Thank you! Enjoy!! P.s: we are open for more […]

Anuncio publicitario

Furious! (II)

Yes, still furious! Even the ‘sacrosanct’ and ‘unblemished’ universities are now discredited by politicians. I have to say that it is not really a big surprise: I have grown in terms of work very close to the academic environment, where I have observed situations that were not really fair, and that disgraced the sacrifice, effort, […]


This morning we were talking at home; we were astonished because of all the recent news that show a world completely crooked and depraved; even the supposedly more saintly and honest people abuse more vulnerable people. That makes me feel furious! Today I will borrow a song from ‘el poeta eléctrico’ to put into words […]

Canto libre

Our tribute today to Victor Jara who was killed today 45 years ago after 4 days of torture. In spite of 44 bullets that were found in his body, and his cut off tongue, his music could not be silenced, and it is still alive.

The Year Cran Broke (and XX)

As announced, this series dedicated to the 25th anniversary of R statistical environment is almost done. We have made a trip through 1993 and some records that were released that year, 25 years ago. I really have enjoyed doing that since it is the music of my adolescence. We are finishing this series, and its […]

The Year Cran Broke (XIX)

As I mentioned yesterday this series tributing the 25th anniversary of R environment (that by the way, today has brought me one of these days with a big headache) was close to its end. There are many spanish bands from this period that I love such as ‘Penelope Trip’, ‘Manta Ray’, ‘Medication’, ‘Cancer Moon’, ‘Sexy […]