The Year Cran Broke (and XX)

As announced, this series dedicated to the 25th anniversary of R statistical environment is almost done. We have made a trip through 1993 and some records that were released that year, 25 years ago. I really have enjoyed doing that since it is the music of my adolescence.

We are finishing this series, and its last section focused on spanish bands sharing a great song by the acclaimed ‘Patrullero Mancuso‘, included both in their album ‘Fantasia’ (1993) and in their (kind of ) compiling record ‘Viva Bonito’ (1993). The band, that was somehow pioneer of the indie spanish sound of the early 90s, had among their strengths their dark and unusual lyrics that sometimes pushed the limits of comedic; their funny and ‘childfish’ voices complemented perfectly their lyric style.


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