Let’s say goodbye to this month with an homonymous song; however there is a sad story under it: below the video, in its description , you can read more about the suicide and its farewell note that inspired Josele Santiago. Enjoy!

The good seed

Happy birthday Mick Harvey!! (*) Here is a modest tribute on his 60th birthday! (*) For those who don’t know who is M. Harvey: he was Nick Cave’s right hand. Multi-instrumentalist. Part of ‘The birthday party’ and founder of ‘The Bad seeds’.

Everything crash

Our today’s tribute goes to Leonard Dillon, leader of the Jamaican band ‘The Ethiopians’ who was died today seven years ago. Using the nickname of ‘Jack Sparrow’, he joined to Stephen Taylor and Aston Morris to create this band responsible of the next song (that is turning 50 years ago) that condemned political situation in […]

Anuncio publicitario


Today in 1999 it was released the second album by Bunbury (‘Pequeño’) that was a U turn from his previous album and the records released with ‘Héroes Del Silencio’. Probably one of his best productions, so probably it was not ‘pequeño’ at all. Enjoy!

Hours per week

Today I am not going to write many words; I prefer to share an interesting and well-written text that should make us think about why it is not possible to work less hour per week taking into account all the technological advances during the last century. It has been shared by an inquisitive and curious […]

B.R.M.C. (II)

We have received a nice proposal inspired on the band we played yesterday. It is the first time I listen to this band, so I can not tell you anything about them. I have add a new task in my to-do-list, unless someone will do it for me 😉 Nice proposal, so many thanks! You […]


Making some archeology as others have told me sometimes, and with no other reason than that song has come to my mind while walking in the field this morning. It comes from the debut album of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2001). Enjoy!!

Alzheimer (II)

I was thinking again the illness that got the international focus yesterday I have thought in one song that didn’t appear in any list about the illness, however the main question in the song could be a good headline and question when suffering or discovering that illness. Anyway, at least we are paying some extra […]


Let’s display alzheimer (today is the international day tributing this illness), at least a bit more: we can not forget those (and their families) that stop remembering suddenly. Here are a couple of songs from a nice review. The song by Elvis Costello is about his grandmother, this illness and her ‘ terrifying moments of […]