Haven’t you ever felt like this? I am feeling more often as everybody around me were zombies. Modern trends of job management can be so dangerous; any team of employees continously under changes, won’t be necessarily more productive, on the contrary, they can become zombies. Enjoy!

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Se hizo el silencio

Today, our tribute to a couple of farewells; our tribute to two early deaths; one of them a bit more personal: we were separated only by 17 days, he would be 40 today (as I am); the other one: the loss of Sergio Algora (Niño Gusano, La Costa Brava). This tribute comes with a song […]

Bulls on Parade

Today we must say happy birthday to Andy Fletcher (1961, Depeche Mode), Beck (1970) and Jamie Cook (1985, Artic Monkeys), but I am seeing a lot of bulls running … here are a couple of songs about bulls (though they are really about other topics). Enjoy!

When John met Paul

Today, in 1957 during a performance of The Quarrymen, John Lennon’s band, Jonh met Paul McCartney; seven years later, the first film starred in by The Beatles, ‘A hard day’s night’, was released. The movie directed by Richard Lester, with a great soundtrack by Lennon-McCartney, was another point of Beatlemania story. A great story! Enjoy!

Memphis, 1954

Today in 1954 Elvis Presley recorded at Sun Records studios three songs that 24hours later, when they were broadcasted at Memphis Dewey Phillips, would changed the history of the music of the XXth century. These songs were ‘I love you because’, ‘Blue moon of Kentucky’ and ‘That’s alright’. Let’s enjoy the classic country/bluegrass hit (Bill […]

Te recuerdo…

Today, 45 years later, nine soldiers from the Chilean army have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of the singer-songwriter of Victor Jara during the first steps of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. About 3200 people were killed during this stage. Victor Jara was shooted 43 times. Just for thinking on a different […]

27 club

Today,in 1969 and 1971, two new members joined the 27-club: both, Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) and Jim Morrison (The Doors), respectively, were dead prematurely. Here are a couple of songs with the participation of the multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones: And a classic hit by The Doors Enjoy!