Today, 50 years ago, The Beatles started recording at Abbey Road studios «Sexy Sadie». The song, written by John Lennon, was originally entitled ‘Maharishi’ in reference to Lennon’s disenchatment with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Yoko Ono pointed some connection with the lyrics of a theme by Smokey Robinson (‘I’ve been good to you’): look what you’ve done/you made a fool out of someone. While ‘Sexy Sadie’ : What have you done/You made a fool of everyone.

This song has clearly inspired several artists such as Jet (‘Look what you’ve done’); Oasis (with a very similar introduction on the B side of ‘Sitting here in silence (on my own)’; Radiohead (piano from some parts of ‘Karma police’); or even the Spanish band ‘Sexy Sadie’, that has even covered this song and included it on a versions album.

Enjoy! (The song and its encore!)

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