Wouldn’t it be nice

Ten years ago it was released «The Beach Boys: U.S. Singles Collection – The Capitol Years (1962-1965)», a 16CD box that includes all the singles released for Capitol by The Beach Boys between 1962 and 1965.

The Rover

During the last two weeks I have spent some of my free time doing some extra work; I have been sharing some of my experience and modest ‘knowledge’ with the students of a Biotechnology master. These lessons have let me being close to research way of thinking (at least closer than what I am getting […]

Some flamenco, some opera, some rock… Rocks!

I am afraid I haven’t had the opportunity to ‘inspect’ the whole flamenco-opera ‘a través de la luz’, but the next song, and the wide ensemble of collaborators that includes Remedios Amaya, Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth, Jorge Pardo, Antonio Arias, El Niño de Elche, etc. they both make me think that […]

Cursed song

Today, 50 years ago, and a day after Robert F. Kennedy murder, the Rolling Stones recorded ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ that includes references to this murder and JFK assassination, the Second World War, family Romanov murder, Jesus crucifixion, etc. It has been surrounded by controversy and accusation of Satanism, and it was also known as […]


Today a local ephemeris from my hometown: 120 years ago was born the spanish poet Federico García Lorca (I think I don’t have to introduce him). He was murdered when he was 38 years old. Precisely, todays song talks about his death, and how Joe Strummer (The Clash) and Jesús Arias (TNT) tried to find […]


Today in 1942, Glenn Wallichs launched Capitol Records in the US. The label became home to many artists such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Tina Turner, Ella Fitzgerald, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, etc., and more recently Radiohead, Robbie Williams, … Their main offices are in Los Angeles, at […]

At the indie disco

Today a song that used to be played at the indie disco where I used to go and work when I was at the university. It should be included on any DJ playlist that worth it! Enjoy!

Más vale tarde que nunca….

I am afraid that today I will use my mother language. I should have said thank you to many people a couple of months ago: I turned 40 and I received a great collaborative present. Even that, I didn’t. why? Don’t know: I didn’t find the proper words; neither a nice way to do it…. […]