Today, a few words for refugees. The UN celebrates today the World Refugee Day. We have talked about this and related issues before (check * for example), so let me share some brief thoughts. This conmemoration arrives after some sad news from the US about how children are separated from their parents during their deportation […]

70 Pink Moons

Today, the splendid and great Nick Drake would have turned 70 years old. He failed to got a wide audience during his life. He died prematurely when he was 26 due to an overdose of antidepresants that have been prescribed to treat his mental disorder. Three records in 5 years, no obituaries, but at the […]

Monterey (III)

We could have finished these posts dedicated to the Monterey International Pop Music Festival playing any song by Janis Joplin, or the full performance by The Who, but I have prefered share a diferent point of view of yesterday’s song. Enjoy!

Monterey (II)

Let’s continue enjoying some performances from the Monterey International Pop Music Festival that took place 51 years ago. Today: Jimi Hendrix Enjoy!


Today, 51years ago, the Monterey International Pop Music Festival, that held during 3 days (16th -18th June) at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in Monterey, California, began. The festival is remembered for the first major American appearances by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who and Ravi Shankar, the first large-scale public performance of Janis Joplin and […]

Kick the ball

I am afraid there is a topic these days that seem to be more important (unfortunately) than any other thing: the football World Cup that it’s taking place in Rusia. It has just started today. I am not a football fan, but in spite of that I enjoy watching some matchs of such a championship. […]

San Antonio

Many friends are celebrating today their saint’s day. Here is my special greetings, sung by another Antonio: A.Luque from Sr. Chinarro. It seems that this kind of celebration is more noted in my hometown and nearby, anyway there is no damage in doing it, so congratulations! Enjoy!

A simple desultory philippic

Today is one of these days with no inspiration, and too tired to think in my daily post. So I am going to share a song that has been in my mind for the last few weeks. At least is a bit different from most of the best known songs by Simon & Garfunkel. It […]