Out of time

I am afraid, tonight, or more properly, yesterday’s night, I was (am) out of time…. Maybe tomorrow (or more properly, on the next post) I will give some explanations. In the meantime (and somehow ordered), enjoy!

Bonito and pretty

Today we must say ‘happy birthday’ to Miqui Puig (he is turning 50!!), mostly known because he led ‘Los Sencillos’, a mod-style band from the 90s that turned into pop dance music. Enjoy!!

Last King’s performance

Today, 41 years ago, at the Marquet Square Arena (Indianapolis, US) Elvis Presley gave his last concert. Some weeks later (16 August) he died in Graceland. After his death, his songs have been sung by many artists, so the legacy of this rock pioneer is still alive.

Kick the ball (III)

I don’t know what is going on; maybe I am getting older and being more similar to my predecessors; maybe somehow I am becoming more common and for some people, less freak; I don’t know what is going on, but I am enjoying football. I think that is something that should not embarrass me, since […]

Sitting on top of the world

A year ago, I reached with some friends the top of the highest mountain of the Iberian peninsula. I had done it many times when I was younger, but on this occasion, since it was about 10 years later from the previous it was really special. I am going to join this anniversary with the […]

Magical night

A magic song for today’s night, considered a magical night in many cultures: traditionally in many towns (mostly coastal towns) from my country people jump above campfires since they believe that these fires can reinforce the sun (this celebration is close to summer solstice and the shortest night of the year) and have a purifying […]

Rebel Rebel

Today Cindy Lauper is turning 65 years old. Happy birthday! Coinciding with a new feminist movement, that has found at each country some situations that have been the last straw, it is worth to remember today this feminist pop icon. Here is one of her greatest hits. Enjoy!

A well respected man

Let’s say ‘happy birthday’ to Mr. Ray Davies (The Kinks) who was born today in 1944. His ironic and original way of writing made of him one of the best british artists from the sixties. Despite next song was written by Ray (for the Animals), his brother Dave was the lead singer. Of course ‘they […]