The song composed by Neil Young in reaction to Kent shootings of May 4 1970, and played by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, was recorded today 48 years ago. It has been described as one of the greatest protest songs. Enjoy!

BBC against drugs

Today, in 1967, The Beatles new album those days, had a special preview on the BBC ( ‘where is at’ program) playing every track from the record except ‘A day in the Life’, that had been banned by the BBC saying it could promote drug taking.


Today, in 1994, the great Jamaican roots reggae and dub records producer, Augustus Pablo (originally named Horace Swaby) was found dead. He popularised the use of melodica in reggae music. Some of his songs are regarded as the most important examples of dub. Enjoy!

Different than expected

Artic Monkeys are releasing their new album after nearly five years of silence. If you expect to find an ‘Artic Monkeys’ record’ you won’t probably find it. You won’t listen an Artic guitar as you could be used to. Some experts have pointed out that they have discovered Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker or David Bowie […]

Anuncio publicitario

Two releases

These two records were released today in 1966: ‘Pet Sounds’ (Beach Boys) and ‘Blonde on Blonde’ (Bob Dylan). Both unmissable! Enjoy!


Happy happy 70th birthday Mr. Eno! Today, in 1948 Brian Peter George St. Baptiste de la Salle Eno was born. He’s best known for being a founding member of the glam rock band Roxy Music and his innovations in ambient music. His work as a record producer is legendary as he has worked with such […]

Darling child

I normally don’t like to speak about politics (at least publicly), but sometimes I do, of course trying to not hurt or disturb anybody. During the last few weeks (or even months) violence is coming back to the fragile relationship between Palestinian and Israeli due to a ‘diplomatic’ decision of US government. This decision has […]

Stones Sitar

The Rolling Stones included a sitar on one of their songs for the first time, today in 1966. It was released ‘Paint it in black’. Enjoy!

Music and Birthdays

While the Eurovision Song Contest is running, let’s play some Music. Burt Bacharach (responsible of many famous songs, and soundtracks) is turning 90 today, while Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and the supergroup ‘Blind Faith’) is celebrating his 70th birthday. Enjoy and happy birthday!!! To both of them and also to Ian Dury (1942) […]