Because the night

Today the single ‘Because the night’ by Patti Smith is turning into 40 years old (as I did last month). Since this song it was already shared, here is one of its interesting covers. Enjoy!!


During the last few days a research advance has appeared in all news programmes: the milestone is about the discovery by chance of a mutant of an enzyme described a year before that increase the natural ability of this protein to catalyse PET (a very abundant type of plastic) degradation. There is no doubt about […]

Anuncio publicitario


Today, twenty years ago, Linda McCartney left us due to breast cancer. She was a great photographer, and a defender of animal rights; she is also known by her vegetarian recipes and for being part of Wings (Paul McCartney’s band after The Beatles break up). Here are a couple of songs by Paul as a […]


Today in 1967 it was born in Paisley (UK) Gerry Rafferty, great folk singer nearly forgotten. He formed Stealers Wheels, with a famous hit included by Quentin Tarantino in the soundtrack of Reservoir Dogs. Enjoy!

Clouds, guns…bullets

I am afraid that I don’t like violence; even when it is applied in response to a brutal and unjustified attack against innocent people including kids; violence comes with more violence; wars produce more fights, hursts and pain. Unfortunately, this world is habited by people that prefers continuing selling excess weapons and maintain open their […]

5th Dimension

Today in 1969, 5th Dimension started a six week run at number one on the US singles charts with ‘Aquarius/let the sunshine in’, from the film directed by Milos Forman ‘Hair’ (1969). Enjoy!