Incomprehensible justice

I am afraid that today we are going to talk about a local news, but that in fact affects (at least) half of the population of this world. You know that I have showed several times that I believe that all the human beings should be treated equally, because at the end we all are «cousins» (we all descend from the same «monkey») and equal, with our particularities but equal. So when I see that there is still violence against women for example I feel anger, furious…. and somehow worried because the world that my daughters are going to «inherit» doesn’t seem to have been on the mend, or got better with all the advances that humans have brought to this planet. However, when there are evidence against responsible men, and law is interpreted maybe on a gentle way, or even trying not to see violence or intimidation, …. makes me think that the world is not as good as it should be, and that my country is not as «modern» as it should be, because among its population there are still many people that have a distorted idea of equality. Would be this vision more abundant than I think? Yesterday’s exhibition against this judicial decision makes me think that there are a lot of people who thinks that this is not only a problem where the law should be updated, on the contrary is a much deeper problem. At least at the US seems to be an intolerance movement against sexist abuses at the society and with judicial impacts.

I have to say that today I really didn’t know which song I should share. I have asked for some help and I found a song by The Raincoats in which they refer to a publicized rape trial in which a British Army officer received lenient treatment from a judge concerned about his military standing.

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