El Brujo

I am not a football fan. And nowadays that football players are like ‘rock stars’ I am even less a football fan. Maybe, when I was a child I liked football more than now. I think that players were famous but not as ‘star’ as they are considered nowadays. Somehow, they were famous but simultaneously […]

I (hope) will see you again

Anaut is releasing today their new album. Here is the first single. A really positive and brilliant song for those «cloudy» days. I heard it a few weeks ago at @HETradio3, and it has been reserved until a good opportunity: the better one, the release of the new record. Congratulations. Enjoy!

Cositas buenas (II)

As you probably know, four years ago the grandmaster Paco de Lucía was dead in Mexico. On the other hand, George Harrison, the more technical and innovative from the Fab Four, was born in Liverpool today in 1943. I found this video that joins them. Enjoy!

Their Back Pages

I’ve been thinking until the last moment about which issue we should commemorate with today’s song. Finally the married (1992) between Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Courtney Love (Hole) has been postponed until other year. Today in 1973, the last concert of The Byrds took place in the Capitol Theatre (Paissac, New Yersey). That was the […]

Elastic La La La

It’s a pleasure for me to announce that Elastic Band is coming back in 2018 with their third record. We have had to wait nearly seven years for the new album of the band formed by Pablo Roman (ex-Cecilia Ann), his electric mandolin and Maria Sanchez (Monalisa, Los Térmicos). Personally I am even happier since […]


In memory of the great Forges, the king of humour, draughtsman of the last 50 years of Spain’s history. Let’s remember him laughing and singing. Curiously, the topics of the song (and Forges’ drawings) are still in force. Enjoy!

The cavern or The cave

I should be writing about the first gig of The Beatles at The Cavern (the pub at Liverpool): today in 1961; but I move from the Cavern to another Cave (written by Plato), and from Plato to Plato-on (the film about Vietnam war). Sorry! Let’s close these Doors! Enjoy!

Today is the day

Eels has released a new single presenting his coming new album (The Deconstruction) that will be available next 6th April. This new song is fantastic (as usual): a mixture of colours and tonalities moving among happiness and a romantic melancholy. Completely well balanced. Enjoy! Update with the official video:


Two years ago that was happening: Mavis Staples was releasing her album ‘Livin’ on a high note’, very well accompanied, and fantastic from the first song until the last one (using lyrics by Martin Luther King). Check it! Enjoy! P.s: the title from this post is based on this review. Thanks!