Amazing journey (II)

I will spend today flying through the Atlantic Ocean and probably with no time to share any song when I finally arrive at my final destiny. So, here is a song by a canadian band in order to start being part of this country that will take me in during the next few days. It […]

Amazing journey!

I know I already shared this song in the past, however is the song that better explain how I feel I nos, a few hours before starting a business trip to Canada! The temperature is going to be a bit lower of that I am used to… The starship is about to take off!!! Enjoy!

Alignment of stars

Guess the movie that I have had the opportunity to watch today during an alignment of stars that create a gap to go to the cinema. Unfortunately, during the film I haven’t found such alignment of stars. Enjoy!!

Nice plan: Granada

Don’t you remember who is Carlota?? If the answer is no, you might check those brief words from this post. If you haven’t got your tickets for tomorrow’s presentation yet, you are still on time!! I am sure that you won’t get disappointed with his performance, it will be more than a concert, it will […]

The hurricane eye (III)

I am still thinking in the analogy used a few days ago by our managers to encouraged us at work. As you have been able to see I don’t share this vision . In fact I am finding other examples, theories, visions, analogies … that defend an opposite point of view. As this one that […]