Ten years after…

I have my own ephemeris (as you would probably have yours). Today, ten years ago, I defended my PhD-thesis. The highest point after a lot of years of hard (and precarious) work. Today, five years ago, I started working at the lab where I will go tomorrow again. So a couple of facts that change […]

The last time! (II)

Let’s continue with the ‘take home message’ that I started to shared a couple of days ago. I am afraid that ‘time is (not) on our side’, so enjoy it as it could be the last time! Here is the most famous theme from yesterday’s original song. Enjoy!

The last time!

Yesterday, Pandora’s box was opened: as I told you, you should enjoy everyday as it could be the last time! So I will remind you this point during the next few days with several songs, starting with the original one! Enjoy!

When you’re gone (II)

The early death of Dolores a couple of days ago makes me think and talk here about some thoughts or even concerns that somehow are more often present in my mind recently. To think that one’s self can pass away suddenly, could be a painful and bitter feeling, moreover if there are children that rely […]

When you’re gone

This morning I was hearing the news when  I got shocked: Dolores O’Riordan (The Cramberries) had passed so suddenly. She was only 46 (that make me think a bit, and maybe tomorrow I will share these thoughts). An extraordinary talent and voice. This afternoon I was remembering some of their hits from the 90s (more […]

Mr. White

During our tribute week to David Bowie Jack White released the new single of his forthcoming third solo album. Some music professionals have pointed out some Bowie influence in this new song. I don’t want to judge this point, if is real or just a coincidence, but the thing is that the theme might be […]