Titanic flamenco figure

Today, in 1947, Paco de Lucía was born in Algeciras (Cádiz). We always will remember him not only as the virtuoso flamenco guitarist that he was, but also as one of the first flamenco guitarist that moved successfully into other styles such as jazz and classical. Today he would have been 70. Enjoy!

‘Joe’ Tarque

I was browsed this evening, listening to some new stuff, and I have found this cover that I cannot avoid to share it. Simply brilliant! Remember that we are celebrating 50 years from ‘Sgt. Peppers…. Band’ Enjoy!

Star Wars (III)

Continueing with our tribute to the new release of the Star Wars fims series, here is the ninth studio album by Wilco, named ‘Star Wars’ too. Enjoy the full album during this sunday afternoon.

Star Wars

Today, the new episode (VIII) of Star Wars is being released in Spain (maybe somewhere else). I am a bit expectant; why just a bit and no anxious? Because, I am afraid that my personal level of infatuation to Star Wars series has been decreasing as the episodes I, II, III and VII (maybe less […]