When I get older… (II)

Here is the second song that will be 40 years old (so do I!) during 2018 (the song and/or the record to which it belongs). A song by The Jam covering an original theme by The Kinks (1967). The Jam included it on their third studio album ‘All Mod cons’. Enjoy!!

When I get older…

Yesterday ‘I find my self obligued to’ play a ‘Christmas song’; fortunately this song will be 40 years during the year (2018) that is starting in a few days (so do I!!). That’s why I decide to share a few songs that (or which records) are 40 years in 2018 (so do I!!!) Here is […]

Anuncio publicitario

Father Christmas

Today I have been notice that this year I am not sharing Christmas songs as I did last years; in fact last year I played a large bunch of them.  So I decide to play one today. It is a song by the Kinks, but it is outside from my favourite period by this English […]

All along the Watchtower

Another 50th anniversary! Today in 1967 it was released the eighth studio album by Bob Dylan (John Wesley Harding). It was the first album after Bob Dylan’s traffic accident in July 1966. It supposed a change of style from the blues-rock of the three former albums, to a style close to folk and country, that […]

Christmas Mayfield

Today in 1999, we lost Curtis Mayfield: a great voice and musician; a revolutionary poet of soul music, tenacious, prolific…; brilliant with the ‘Impressions’, and essential by his own label… Here are a few of songs ‘dressed up of Christmas’ in his honour! Enjoy!

Dalton strikes back

Christmas is a time for children; we should become again a child to enjoy this great period of the year.  I am happy to be able to share an odd song today; a new generation of artists? Do they have any relationship with ‘Los hermanos Dalton’? I think so. They have been recording a Christmas […]

Good morning world!

Doesn’t matter what happens; doesn’t matter that if we (as human species) get obsess in our ‘big’ problems (but probably, they are not as big as we think)… doen’t matter, because at the end, the world will keep spinning!! Enjoy!!