Lo-lo-lo lola (IV)

Let’s continue with another song that come to mind when I think about Los Brincos; on this ocassion it is a original theme by Los Brincos but covered by a compatriot band. We used to play it during Harpo Tomato rehearsals. I thought I learnt to play it listening to my band colleagues, and not […]

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Lo-lo-lo lola (III)

Since we started to talked about (and listened to) Los Brincos, I will share a few songs during the next days that have been related to this band from my personal experience point of view. The first single (45rpm) I bought by Los Brincos included yesterday’s song, and in the other side (I don’t remember […]

Lo-lo-lo lola (II)

After the undefined Lola (1970) from The Kinks’ song we shared yesterday, a completely different Lola (1967) by Los Brincos. Always is a good momment to listen to a song by that beat band that wore capes. Enjoy!

Lo-lo-lo lola

Today, a few releases to celebrate: 1967,The Beatles released ‘Magical mistery tour’ as a LP in the US (the album would be released in the UK as an EP; for the US version several singles from 1967 were added to conform the LP). 1970, ‘All things must pass’ was released by George Harrison: his first […]


Today, 75 years ago it was premiered the film ‘Casablanca’ at the Hollywood Theater in New York City. It is easy to guess which song are we going to share today to celebrate the anniversary of this film that was not recorded at all at the Moroccan city… Enjoy!

Strawberry fields forever

Today, in 1966, The Beatles got together for the first time after returning from their summer tour of the United States, ready for the record of a new album. They started recording ‘Strawberry fields forever’. Enjoy!

Charming man

Continueing with yesterday’s british story, let’s play a song to say ‘happy birthday’ to Alex James (1968, Boscombe, Bornemouth, England). He is known as the bassist of the band Blur, but he is also a musical journalist and cheesemaker. Enjoy!