12×5 (II)

Some people have asked me for an encore of yesterday’s post.  Here it is! Enjoy! And here is the original song covered by The Rolling Stones. Enjoy!


Today in 1964 it was released their second album in the US by the Rolling Stones. Most of the songs are covers of rhythm and blues hits, but there are three songs written by Jagger and Richards, and two songs signed by the pseudonym Nanker Phelge. It was originally an EP of five songs (5×5), […]

Lab on stereo (III)

Today I am posting the ideas and issues I would have liked to post two days ago; even now that they are a bit disorganized, or even ‘diluted’ due to the time already gone, I’ll try to list them. I shared during the last two days a couple of songs by Stereolab; why? Because my […]

Lab on stereo

I hope this song will be useful as an introduction for tomorrow’s post. I should write it today, but I am exhausted. Sorry about that. On the other hand, it give us the opportunity to share two songs about the same issue. Good night! See you tomorrow! Enjoy!  

J de Pablos vol.2

Today, a couple of videos and a few songs as a tribute to the great commentator Juan de Pablos, who is celebrating 50 years behind the microphone. Due to this important issue, the second ‘volumen’ of the parties organized by de Pablos is taking place tonight with ten great bands (it couldn’t have been otherwise! ) playing […]

Here is Carlota

As most of you should know, the objective of this site was not to share music up-to-date; it is just to share music; however sometimes I have introduced new releases, and during the last weeks it has occurred even more frequently. Today I have a novelty, a new record; but in this occasion is a […]