Here is Carlota

As most of you should know, the objective of this site was not to share music up-to-date; it is just to share music; however sometimes I have introduced new releases, and during the last weeks it has occurred even more frequently. Today I have a novelty, a new record; but in this occasion is a bit special: ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure for me to introduce you the first and new album (2 0 2) by Carlota. Who is Carlota? Carlota is the name of the alter ego of César Rodríguez Alcaraz. Who is César R.A.? A prolific musician from Granada (South Spain, close to Mulhacen and the rest of Sierra Nevada) with many bands at his resume: Funkdacion, Quasar (1), Zoostate90, Royal Mail, etc., etc.). I am proud to have had the opportunity to sing by his side, and leaded by his baton, or even to act like a clown (literally), always with time for a couple of beers after rehearsals. César is this kind of person with who it doesn’t matter how long you haven’t met him, his friendship is always available, as no distance or time have passed. Such is his devotion for music, that the school where he is a teacher has also enjoyed of some great projects.

Here is a nice review of Carlota new album (I wouldn’t be able to write it better) and here is the first single from this record . Enjoy! And congrats!!

Here are the mean number of visits per day (about 15) that this blog has, in order to help in disseminate this great album.
(1) I have selected this video of the making-off Quasar album. It is great and I am sure that I will arouse your curiosity with this video.


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