Today in 2006 it was released the album ‘El tiempo de las cerezas’ by Nacho Vegas and Enrique Bunbury, or Enrique Bunbury and Nacho Vegas. It was an odd (and interesting) record since showed the ex- Manta Ray to a new audience, and gave the opportunity to Bunbury to reach a register a bit different […]

‘Las setas’

Sometimes it is worthy to leave the heart to guide your steps and not the brain. That’s why we finally have driven miles and miles to celebrate a great birthday of someone who was friend, then a family member, and after all a friend again. Since we are visiting his home, and his hometown, here […]


I told you many times that this site doesn’t pretend to share the most ‘up-to-date’ songs; mainly because since 5 to ten years ago I have no extra time to follow and study every new artist or band that somehow reach me (neither a few of these): science and paternity are two time consuming activities […]

Wish you were here (II)

This is a kind of continuation of yesterday’s post. Breakup of bands it is an issue quite common. Sometimes one of them abandones the group; other times the band is completely disappeared;… But almost always the main reason of the breakup is the lack of agreement between the members. I am sure you are thinking […]

Wish you were here

This is the song selected for today, since the album where it is included was released today in 1975. This song and others from the homonymous album are dedicated to Syd Barrett who abandoned the band in 1968. Enjoy! By coincidence, I read today that 30 years ago Morrissey announced that he was going to […]

Super or mayor be not… (and V)

Today, the fith and last song by Harpo Tomato that I will share (mainly because is the last song this band recorded). It is in many ways my favourite one. As a curiosity: this song includes two tracks where the bass guitar was recorded, one of those modulated by a great tremolo music effect. Enjoy!!