Alcoholic Orchestra

La M.O.D.A. is also releasing (and presenting) a new album these days. (La M.O.D.A = La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol). Enjoy! By the way the tittle of the song fits well with today! Maybe I am fool, but there is something of Mumford & sons in La M.O.D.A. or vice versa.

Anuncio publicitario

Angels and Demons

Spain is a country with an old Catholic tradition; in fact, still today there are some areas where someone’s saint’s day receive more attention and celebration than his/her birthday. Today is one of some of the ‘famous’, or well-known saint’s day since it is dedicated to the three archangels (out of seven) accepted by Catholicism. […]

Desde el jergón…

Tomorrow Josele Santiago is releasing his fifth alone album: ‘Transilvania’. Raúl Fernández (‘Refree’) has participated during the production. There has been several singles in advance: ‘El Bosque’, ‘Saeta’ and ‘Magia Negra’. Here are the first and third  ones on an official, and a live version (during a great interview in a radio broadcast this morning) […]

Odd audience

Today’s song comes to mind after reading a curious press release from 1997: today, 20 years ago, Bob Dylan played three songs with an audience of several hundreds of thousands, including Pope John Paul II. The concert was controversial, even several years later when a book by Pope Benedict XVI were released. This the last song Dylan played that […]

Rest in Power

‘Rest in Power’ Mr. Charles Bradley (5/1/1948- 23/09/2017).  Charles Bradley, one of these soul singers ‘recovered and/or rescued’ by Daptone Records. Here is a our small tribute. Enjoy!

Cherries (IV)

Let’s suming up ‘the way’ we have followed this week: we started the ‘time of cherries’, with two songs from this record by Bunbury and Nacho Vegas; next day we enjoyed a couple of ‘duets’ by these two singers with other artists: Bunbury and Quique González, and the next day we chained two more songs […]