Creep-ers (II)

Today we are moving from one of the first covers of our song of the week (Creep, Radiohead, 1992) to one of the latest versions, but at the same time we have to travel to the first decades of the twentieth century. It is played by a great ‘band’ (they are a kind of rotative […]


Yesterday we included a couple of songs by Scala. One of them was included in a couple of series (so it could be part of our last section), but it was not the favourite of our proposer; she prefers the version that Scala makes of ‘Creep’, original released by ‘Radiohead’ in 1992.  Since yesterday we […]

Serial proposer (VII)

Today, a proposal that arrived directly from Dublin! A song covering a classic theme by the most famous Irish band. The song appeared in a couple of series: ‘Downtown Abbey’ and ‘Rebellion‘.  Enjoy! The proposer prefers another song by the same group, but in this case it was included in a film (‘The social network’), […]

Serial Proposer (V)

A new proposal for this odd section we are sharing these days including your own proposals. With your recommendations I am discovering series, and sometimes songs too. Today only the series: ’13 reasons why.’ The song in this case is well known. Thanks again to Prof. Bacterio. Don´t forget to share your proposals: if you […]

Serial proposer (III)

Today a song by Sufjan Stevens, included in the series ‘This is us’, and recommended by L, the english teacher. Most of the things that I could say about the song have been already said for example here. So just enjoy! Even if it seems sad it will make you feel happy!

Serial proposer (II)

Yesterday we started this bunch of posts including a proposal by the ‘Viking from Castile’. Today we have received some other proposals as we asked yesterday (good songs included in your favourite series); one of these proposals come from ‘Professor Bacterio’ (supported by Hakepon), and keep us close to the lands of the Vikings: it […]

Serial proposer

It’s time to propose your favourite songs included in your favourite series. My colleague J, the Viking from Castile, has already done it (surprisingly!). Here is his proposal (included in a chapter from the first season of ‘Breaking bad’). Enjoy!! And don’t forget to send tour suggestions and become a serial proposer!

A ‘red tenant’

Yesterday, we flew through the universe ‘Kim Deal’ (it was her birthday); this issue has brought to my head a great song by the band she formed with her twin sister (The  Breeders) and covered by a group from Bilbao that until now had not appeared by this blog.  Enjoy! And here is the original […]