Seagulls are coming back

I have selected no ephemeris for today’s song. 

As I already have told, I grew up (musically) with almost no vertical (genetic) transfer, so when I was 8 or 9 years old I listened to the music that people around me (friends, older cousins, classmates. ..) did. It was mostly spanish pop bands and some abroad bands. I heard to contemporary hits compilations, but they didn’t satisfy me, so I needed more and more: I started at the sixties and earliest seventies, then I jumped to last eighties and recent nineties, with some exceptions from the end of the seventies and the first eighties, and so on. 

A few days ago I heard to a song by the leading singer of one of those spanish pop bands that I listened to when I was a child. This issue makes me happy: the song was nice, the lyrics great, it was played during my favourite radio show,it includes a featuring by a great contemporary artist, and it was played by one of the few bands that I would have selected today again. By the way, the new and youngest musical experts at home do agree with me!


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