A splendid time is guaranteed for all (II)

Second chapter of the collection of posts dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the release of ‘The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album by The Beatles; ans only a day before this anniversary!. Today a couple of covers of the third song of this record (since yesterday we already shared versions of the first […]

A splendid time is guaranteed for all

I think I do not have to explain why I am posting these songs today… In a few days we will celebrate 50 years of the release of the eighth Beatles’ studio album!! So let’s start a few posts about this important music issue! Today, seven songs recorded during the fortieth anniversary of the same […]

I Won’t Complain

Please listen to today’s song: Then, read about the interesting life of this artist, and don´t stop looking for more and more songs by this great artist as I have done today. For me, an unexpected surprise! Enjoy!

Call the Police

Today in 1977, Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers played together for the first time. They performed as a band called ‘Strontium 90’ in the Circus Hippodrome in Paris (France). Enjoy!


Today in 1943 was born Eduardo ‘Teddy’ Bautista. In the last years he has been known due to his problems with justice as he was the president of SGAE. But this matter can not obscure his great musical career. We have selected two songs to illustrate two periods of his musical biography.  First a hit […]

Singing spontaneusly

These days, in Manchester during some functions tributing victims of the last terrorist attack at this city, people have started spontaneusly to sing a song from one of its «indigenous» bands: Oasis; and standing up for forgiveness: a commendable and praiseworthy act! Enjoy!


Happy birthday Mr Paul Weller, always great with The Jam, then with The Style Council, and finally alone. Always great! Happy birthday Mr. Modfather! Here is a song from his first album. Enjoy!

Two birthdays and a song

Today is the birthday of Robert Allen Zimmerman (1941), that is better known as Bob Dylan; but it is Rosanne Cash’s birthday too. To illustrate these two celebrations enjoy the next song written by Bob Dylan, and covered by Rosanne Cash who recorded it in her album ‘The List’. This song was played by Dylan […]

We got to have peace

I am still stunned by yesterday’s massacre at Manchester. Since I am quite sure that big demonstrations are not really very useful as they give relevance to criminals who should not have this publicity, I prefer to pay tribute to the victims and express a resounding ‘no’ to unjustifiable violence. I had selected a band […]

We miss you, Chris (II)

Today, another song dedicated again to missing Chris Cornell; we have selected one from his period next to former members of ‘Rage Against the Machine’ (Tom Morello,  Tim Commerford and Brad Will). In 2001 they formed ‘Audioslave’. In 2007, and after three successful records, the band disappeared due to ‘irreconcilable personal conflicts, in addition to […]