Today in 1978 it was released the single «Because the night» by Patti Smith Group. Written by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith (they were recording their own album in adjoining rooms at the same studio and with the same engineer/producer Jimmy lovine), it helped propel sales of ‘Easter’ to «mainstream success».


By the way, here is another issue from today in the music history:

2010, A week after Catholic Church officials published an article in the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper that said they forgive John Lennon’s remarks about The Beatles being «bigger than Jesus», Ringo Starr rejected their forgiveness. The newspaper’s editors had written, «The Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus and put out mysterious messages, that were possibly even Satanic… (but) what would Pop music be like without the Beatles?» Ringo was unimpressed and replied «Didn’t the Vatican say we were Satanic or possibly Satanic? And they’ve still forgiven us? I think the Vatican, they’ve got more to talk about than the Beatles.»

So, now, do we have another satanic majesties at music history?

who knows, but here are the original majesties, and one of «their request»

and here is a second (and more recent) request (I decide to post the full album):

In the end it will turn out that rock and roll is full of satanic majesties!!!!!

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